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Chicago’s Wrigleyville Dental Tests for Oral Galvanism

Sep 17, 2019 ● By Kyle Hass

Having mixed metals in the mouth can be harmful for our bodies in many ways. Oral galvanism is brought on by the electrical currents that occur when a patient has several metal-treated teeth. Dr. Bernice Teplitsky says that even if we can’t feel it, oral galvanism can still affect our health. Wrigleyville Dental offers a test that can check for currents that may be occurring in the mouth, and this month, new patients can get tested at no charge ($67 value).

The nervous system runs on electrochemical energy, and having extra currents can disrupt energy flow and the healthy function of organs. Oral galvanism can cause or contribute to ailments such as epilepsy, hearing loss, eye problems, insomnia, psychological problems, vertigo, loss of concentration, tinnitus, pathological changes in blood, kidney or other organs, inflammation and reflex neurological pain.

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