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Three Ways Busy Moms Can Thrive

by Julie M. Gentile

Life is constantly dishing up curveballs. Motherhood adds more, like mysterious rashes and toddler meltdowns in the middle of a crowded grocery store on a Saturday. Working parents have yet another layer—an unexpected work trip when a 2-year-old has a double ear infection and having to work late to meet a deadline long after the entire house has gone to bed.

        When we’re busy, it might seem unrealistic to give attention to the very things we need but don’t have time or energy for, such as eating clean and exercising. But these wellness practices help us thrive, and self-care can help get us there.

        In addition to the essentials of eating high-quality food and moving more, here are three ways to thrive:

1. Go to bed. In a sleep-deprived nation, getting eight hours of sleep every night is often overlooked, but sleep isn’t optional. It’s for all of us, including you. How often do you stay up well past 10 p.m. to catch up on email, social media or Netflix? Just as you clean other areas of your life, clean your sleep. Commit to a bedtime and wake-up time, which is nowhere near as easy as it sounds when you’re a working parent. But no amount of caffeine will ever replace the valuable, vital, restorative work that goes on when your body and mind are at rest.

2. Unplug. It’s okay to disconnect from the ringing, buzzing and beeping of your devices, which distract you from what’s begging for your attention in the present moment.

3. Get inspired. Do something every day that lights you up. Better yet, do it in the morning before your kids wake up so the day can’t get away. Wake up excited.

We make the decisions that create our day, our experiences and our world. Design a lifestyle that empowers us to not just survive motherhood, mamas, but to thrive.

Julie M. Gentile is author of the award-winning book 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas and creator of the blog Stand-Up for Your Self-Care. For more information, visit and follow her self-care adventures on Instagram and Facebook @juliegtheyogi.