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Stop the Amazon Fires


Pressure the United Nations to Act

The Amazon rainforest is in a critical state of near-collapse with a record number of fires in Brazil this year—twice as many as in 2018. The fires have been deliberately set to deforest the Amazon and displace its indigenous populations to make way for soybean and cattle farming and oil drilling, actions encouraged by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. The Amazon is known as the as the “lungs” of our Earth; its oxygen is an essential, irreparable link that holds our global ecosystem within balance. Scientists say that with another 5 percent burned, the Amazon could reach the tipping point of ecosystem collapse.

Dramatic and swift action needs to take place, and the United Nations has the power to do so. A global online petition at urges the UN to:

1. Send in immediate humanitarian support to all the indigenous and local groups that have lost their homes and way of life. 

2. Coordinate a large-scale effort with Brazil and neighboring countries to fight the fires in the highest-risk areas, such as those affecting indigenous peoples, animals and the most fragile ecosystems. 

3. Create economic sanctions on Brazil that would make the cutting, selling and buying of timber and meat produced in the country illegal. 

The petition can be signed at

Natural Awakenings magazine will be dedicating the coming year to covering the climate crisis and providing personal choices that people can make to reduce their own carbon footprint.

To learn more and view a video on the role of the rainforest in human and planetary health, click here.