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Reduce Stress and Brain Fog this Holiday with Allergen-friendly Mushroom Complex

Nov 17, 2021 ● By Tiffany Hinton
5lb blue hand weights sitting next to a bottle of Neuro Effect supplements

Photo credit Michelle Imbordino

The holiday season brings on extra anxiety in our lives as our families prepare for holiday events, school breaks and winter traditions. These extra responsibilities and outings, paired with changing temperatures, can leave us feeling like we are forgetting things or have what many of us call “mommy brain”, or brain fog.  
In reality, the brain can not get “tired”, but can get depleted of nutrients quickly with increased stress in our lives. However, with simple lifestyle changes and the right supplementation, our brains can survive the holiday stress without the additional anxiety, exhaustion and fog. To ensure your brain is a well-oiled-holiday-surviving machine, give your brain a boost of building block nutrients like water, protein and mushrooms. 
Traditionally, our ancestors would have naturally included more mushrooms in their fall and winter diets as they turned to dried foods and stews for winter nourishment. In our age of supermarkets, we can still have fresh salads and tropical fruit in the winter. This is a wonderful thing in life, although we need to remember that stews provide seasonal nourishment that yes, even our brains need.
Many are not aware that virtually every “mushroom” product on the market is not mushrooms at all, but instead mycelium grown on grains like rye. This means store-bought varieties barely contain the many medicinal compounds that mushrooms have to offer, and instead contain up to 50% starch, and in some cases, gluten residue. For those with severe forms of celiac disease, store-bought mushrooms or mushroom powder products could induce additional reactions.

Photo credit Michelle Imbordino

One simple fix for those looking for an allergen-sensitive solution is to try supplementation with a mushroom supplement like NeuroEffect from Paleovalley with a large glass of pH balanced water to help have more brain energy, relieving the extra stress of the holiday season.

“Living with celiac disease comes with many challenges. I can get reactions so frequently to new products that it can be very stressful trying something new. I was so thankful when I tried Paleovalley because they were the first brand in a while that I could trust to avoid gluten, corn and soy additives,” shares brain fog sufferer Anna Marie Imbordino, of Charleston, South Carolina.
NeuroEffect from Paleovalley is made with 8 organic mushroom types which include reishi and organic, whole coffee fruit that has been shown in clinical trials to stimulate the production of BDNF; a key neuro-protein necessary for learning, memory, and mental clarity. Add this simple gluten-free and paleo-friendly product to your medicine cabinet and welcome a less stressful holiday.
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Tiffany Hinton is GF Mom Certified. Connect on social media @GFMomCertified and on the blog for more allergen-friendly living tips.