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Take a Healing Break in Hawaii

The Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center, in Kona, Hawaii, has been transformed from a bed and breakfast into a restoration sanctuary for those that wish to recuperate from COVID-19 trauma. Some may choose to reinvent themselves, while others may need to mourn the loss of loved ones. This sanctuary can provide individuals, couples or families a safe haven to restore vitality and balance. A team of experienced healthcare professionals is available with a variety of opportunities to restore the body’s natural healing ability.

Visitors that wish to spend time in rural Hawaii on the Kona Coast of the big island can commune with friendly wild dolphins, connect with the land, explore their artistic talents, be pampered, eat organic food, learn about food preparation for cleansing toxins or walk a colorful labyrinth and discover an unfolding path to fulfill their soul’s desires.

For more information, call 808-328-2159 or visit