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Get Dental Procedures in Complete Safety

Dr. Andie Pearson

Essentially Pure Cosmetic & Family Dentistry (formerly Gaiamed Dental Spa) has settled in their new office, developed with aspects of several areas of healing in mind, at 1535 Lake Cook Road, Suite 108, in Northbrook.

Dr. Andie Pearson says, “We wanted to have a space that addressed the soul/mind, safety and ability to provide the best, most advanced service possible. The space was rebuilt from the cement up, making sure there was not mold or toxic building materials. The LEED guidelines were our road map to make the office safe for humans and the environment. With the emergence of COVID-19, we stepped up our effort to protect the patients and staff by going above and beyond what was suggested or required."

“Now is the time to take care of overdue maintenance care or treatment that was diagnosed or suggested just before the outbreak before it progresses to a much more advanced problem or loss of teeth and/or health. We will still be utilizing all of our existing and newly added aerosol- reducing methods after the emergency is over so that our staff and patients always feel safe and relaxed during treatment,” adds Pearson.

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